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SAP2000 V15 Enhancements


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  • New graphical user interface with tabbed windows.
  • New DirectX graphics.
  • Contour display of frame stresses and displacements.
  • Load optimization feature to determine the optimal loading scale factors to achieve goals and limits on displacement and force response throughout the structure.
  • Indian steel frame design code IS 800 2008.
  • New Zealand steel frame design code NZS 3404-1997.
  • Canadian steel frame design code CSA S16-2009.
  • Updated Hong Kong concrete frame design code to include Supplement 1.
  • Australian concrete frame design code AS3600-2009.
  • Canadian NBCC loading for wind, seismic, and response-spectrum.
  • American ASCE-7-10 loading for wind, seismic, and response-spectrum.
  • Enhanced Eurocode 3-2005 steel frame design, including design for Class 4 sections.
  • National annexes for Eurocode 2-2004 concrete frame design for Singapore, Germany, and Portugal.
  • National annexes for Eurocode 3-2005 steel frame design for Singapore, Germany, and Portugal.
  • Hybrid steel frame section property.
  • Simple arc for tendon profile definition.
  • Updated API functionality.
  • The Bridge module has been removed, but simple moving load analysis on paths defined by frame elements has been retrained.
  • Other minor enhancements.

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