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01-Introduction: What you see when you start MS Project 2002

02-How to create a WBS

03-How to code a WBS

04-How to use the Yellow Sticky approach to map out a network

05-How to enter estimated duration

06-How to enter predecessor information to create a project schedule

07-How to use the Gantt chart wizard

08-How to assess the sensitivity of a network a) Using the schedule table to assess slack

B) The difference between free slack and total slack

09-How to introduce lags into a schedule

10-How to display the schedule as a network a) How to hide summary tasks

B) How to manually move network nodes

11-How to create a resource pool How to designate part-time resources

12-How to assign resources to specific tasks Why durations change when you add resources

13-How to designate a start date for a project

14-How to insert milestones into your plan

15-How to alter the work calendar a) How to introduce holidays

B) How to alter work times

16-Printing I a) How to reduce the number of pages by scaling

B) How to fit figures to a specific number of pages

17-Printing II a) How to use print preview

B) How to print only one widow

18-How to insert titles for figures and change location of legends

19-How to assess whether resources are over allocated

20-How to resolve resource over allocations by leveling a) Within slack

B) Outside of slack

21-Costs I: How to enter pay rates for resources

22-Costs II: How to find the total costs of the project by task and resources

23-How to generate a cash flow statement a) Weekly cash flow

B) Monthly cash flow

24-How to save a plan as a baseline

25-How to record actual progress on a project

26-How to obtain earned value performance information

27-How to examine schedule variance in real time

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