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Derive 6.1 Portable


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Derive 6.1 Portable


Derive 6.1 Portable | 5,8 MB

The trusted mathematical assistant of students, educators, engineers and scientists worldwide, Derive software does for algebra, equations, trigonometry, vectors, matrices and calculus what the graphing handheld does for high school math.

A powerful Computer Algebra System, Derive can easily solve a wide range of symbolic and numeric problems. Results can be plotted as 2-D graphs or 3-D color surfaces, enabling different approaches to problem solving.

Now even more powerful and easier to use than previous editions, Derive 6 also enables you to:

* Connect with your TI-89, TI-92 Plus, and/or Voyage™ 200 handheld

* Display the steps in the simplification of an expression to gain insight into the mathematical process

* Use slider bars to make plots dynamic

* Write worksheets in Rich Text format

* Customize toolbars

System Requirements

* Windows® 2000, or XP-compatible PC

* (minimum RAM and processor requirements are the same as the operating system requirements);

* 10 MB of disk space.

Download link:


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