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Bridge Technology

Design Flow Charts

Technical Documentation Page and Acknowledgements

Design Step 1 - General Information / Introduction

Design Step 2 - Concrete Deck Example

Design Step 3 - Steel Girder Design

Design Step 4 - Bolted Field Splice Design

Design Step 5 - Miscellaneous Steel Design

Design Step 6 - Bearing Design

Design Step 7 - Abutment and Wingwall Design

Design Step 8 - Pier Design

Design Step 9 - Pile Foundation Design

Input Sample - Opis Input Sample

Output Sample - Opis Output Sample

Table of Contents

Design Step 2.1 - Obtain Design Criteria

Design Step 2.2 - Determine Minimum Slab Thickness

Design Step 2.3 - Determine Minimum Overhang Thickness

Design Step 2.4 - Select Slab and Overhang Thickness

Design Step 2.5 - Compute Dead Load Effects

Design Step 2.6 - Compute Live Load Effects

Design Step 2.7 - Compute Factored Positive and Negative Design Moments

Design Step 2.8 - Design for Positive Flexure in Deck

Design Step 2.9 - Check for Positive Flexure Cracking under Service Limit State

Design Step 2.10 - Design for Negative Flexure in Deck

Design Step 2.11 - Check for Negative Flexure Cracking under Service Limit State

Design Step 2.12 - Design for Flexure in Deck Overhang

Design Step 2.13 - Check for Cracking in Overhang under Service Limit State

Design Step 2.14 - Compute Overhang Cut-off Length Requirement

Design Step 2.15 - Compute Overhang Development Length

Design Step 2.16 - Design Bottom Longitudinal Distribution Reinforcement

Design Step 2.17 - Design Top Longitudinal Distribution Reinforcement

Design Step 2.18 - Design Longitudinal Reinforcement over Piers

Design Step 2.19 - Draw Schematic of Final Concrete Deck Design



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