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O&O Defrag 11.0 Build 3265 Pro/Server Edition - 29 Mb


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O&O Defrag 11.0 Build 3265 Pro/Server Edition - 29 Mb

Berlin, September 15, 2008 Version 11 of O&O Defrag Professional and Server Edition is now available. The multiple award-winning defragmen-tation program from the Berlin-based publisher, O&O Software, optimizes hard disks while merging file fragments efficiently and securely.

The new background defragmentation feature provides automatic protection against heavy fragmentation. For the first time ever, it is now possible to defragment entire hard disks and partitions as well as individual folders or files by simply rightclicking. The new File Status View shows the number of most heavily affected files as well as their level of fragmentation.


New features and technologies:

Thanks to its new background monitoring, O&O Software Defrag 11 prevents fragmentation from occurring at its earliest stages. Newly added and modified files are analyzed and defragmented whenever they are not being used. This allows O&O Defrag to ensure, behind the scenes, that your hard disks are constantly performing at their best. Newly developed technologies allow Defrag 11 to be better integrated into Windows Vista, and provide for efficient processing of especially large file systems while requiring only a minimum of space in the main memory.

For the first time ever, O&O Defrag 11 lets you defragment individual files and folders as well as partitions and entire hard disks by simply right-clicking. The new File Status View is based on the already familiar Block View, which has itself been improved and extended in the new version. The File Status View displays the most heavily fragmented files as well as their number and level of fragmentation.

Product features:

- New: Protection from heavy fragmentation through background monitoring and immediate defragmentation.

- New: Defragmentation of individual folders and files by right-clicking.

- New: Optimized File Status View and enhanced Block View.

- Job Wizard for regular and automated defragmentation.

- Five defragmentation methods.

- O&O IntelligentPower Control Technology in the Professional Edition provides special support for mobile systems.

- O&O OneButtonDefrag for the easy scheduling of defragmentation on a regular basis.

- O&O ActivityGuardPro for lowest system load.

- Easy management of extremely large amounts of data, even above the 2 terabyte level, as well as very large files.


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