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Primavera Contract Management 10.1 SP3


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Primavera Contract Management 10.1 SP3

OS: Windows | 2 CDs | CD1 - 246MB | CD2 - 607MB

Your role as a Contract Manager is to assist in the preparation, review, and administration of contractual proposals relating to construction projects. Preparing bids, negotiating specifications for materials or other construction services and securing all necessary approvals are only a few of the crucial parts of your day.

Track contracts from original estimate to buy-out with Primavera. Original estimates are extracted from your estimating system and allow you to easily compare multiple bidders.

Need relief from having too many spreadsheets? Utilize a single, easily accessed repository that lets you streamline information management.



Install Guide:

* Read "<CD1>:documentation"

* Run "<CD2>:setup.exe" to install "Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio 7.0.3"

Key: CEPCKDQQREAA000446118233

* Run "<CD2>:704upgradesetup.e xe" & "<CD2>:704upgradeebf3519set up.exe"

to update "Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio 7.0.4"

* Run "<CD1>:setup.exe" or "<CD1>:exponlinesetup.ex e" to install Primavera,

browse to "<CD1>:SerialNumber" when asked for a license file.

* Run "<CD1>:UpdateExpedition101sp 3.exe" to install v10.1 SP3 update

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