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JIS - Japanese Industrial Standard


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JIS - Japanese Industrial Standard

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_I ... _Standards

Standards are named like "JIS X 0208:1997", where X denotes areadivision, followed by four digits (or five digits for some of thestandards corresponding ISO standards), and the revision release year. Divisions of JIS and significant standards are:

  • A - Civil Engineering and Architecture[/*:m:3gou7r4m]
  • B - Mechanical Engineering[list:3gou7r4m]
  • JIS B 7021-1989 : Classification and Water Resistibility of Water Resistant Watches for General Use[/*:m:3gou7r4m]
  • JIS B 7512-1993 : Steel tape measures[/*:m:3gou7r4m]
  • JIS B 7516-1987 : Metal Rules[/*:m:3gou7r4m]



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