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Architect vs. Engineer (english)


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Many people are still mixing between Architect and Engineer where it shouldn't be that way. Generally both are involved in building design and its construction.

Architect means a person who studied engineering in order to put his/her imagination/art/concept in a mathmatical model that can be built or constructed paying attention to all related details linked with that structure such as electrical, mechanical, HVAC, interior, traffic and parking, etc...

However, Architect is combining all those disciplines togather to come up with a full comprehensive concpet about the desired strcutre, not designing any other than architectural side which is related to combine all in proper spacing management...

On the other side, the engineer who can be civil, strcutural, mechanical, electrical, BMS, fire, safety, electronic, landscape, etc is the one who will focus on certain area to develop its concept and put it into constructable form and supervise its implementation on site.

Theoritically, both can be Project Manager; however, mainly in construction field construction engineer/strcutural engineer/civil engineer becomes the Project Manager.

Also, Architect deals directly with cleints to gather all of their requriements, wishes, and needs to develop the concept based on those requirements and client budget as well in terms of material selection and its quality.



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