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dlubal RSTAB 5.15.001


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posté par shadowmaster

RSTAB is used to

determine internal forces, support reactions and deformations of any

planar or 3D framework structure. The open and modular program concept

meets individual user demands for specific project requirements.

Following Windows standards, RSTAB has a small learning curve which

means that the user is quickly able to take advantage of the many

helpful options that the program offers.

The add-on modules make

it easier either to input data through an automated creation of

structures, loads and load combinations or to carry out further

analyses and design. For example, the CONCRETE module can be used to

design standardized reinforced concrete cross-sections for uniaxial and

biaxial bending with normal forces as well as with shear forces and

torsion, including creep and shrinkage, non-linear analyses and tension

stiffening effects.

User interface

The structural input can be carried out graphically

in a CAD-like interface as well as numerically in tables. Additionally,

there is a possibility to use the context menus by right-mouse-clicking

any item in the data navigator. The input can be permanently checked

visually by means of the photorealistic visualization of the structure

as a 3D rendered OpenGL graphic.

http://www.dlubal.de/ng1/Download.aspx? ... qjhDNz8pHW

RSTAB 6 assists you by many helpful functions to

model your structure in the most comfortable way. Additionally, various

tools are available to create routine constructions including their

loads. Member non-linearities such as yielding, tearing or slippage are

possible in the same way as tapered members, couplings non-linear

springs or eccentric connections of members.

http://www.dlubal.de/ng1/Download.aspx? ... 8c4xEufkVW


In RSTAB 6, the calculation can be carried out

according to 1st or 2nd order theory as well as according to a large

deformation analysis (Newton-Raphson) for all member types. The results

of the load cases may be superimposed within load combinations in

order to determine the extreme values of the internal forces.

Deformations due to shear forces can be accounted for globally. At the

end of the analysis of several load constellations, a summary is issued

that informs you about the problems that may have occured during the


http://www.dlubal.de/ng1/Download.aspx? ... +bF67UkVw3

Results and Printout


order to evaluate the results comfortably, they are presented in tables

that are arranged according to different criteria. By colored results

relation scales in the tables, the utilizations are immediately

visible. Different options to filter the results can reduce the number

of displayed table lines and thus improve the overview.

The results

can be documented in an adaptable printout report that is available in

different languages. The extent of this printout report can be arranged

by the user and can be saved as a template as well. It is also possible

to include automatic graphic views of the results in the printout


http://www.dlubal.de/ng1/Download.aspx? ... C9yKS4rI35

Project Manager

RSTAB 6 includes a project manager with detailed information so that all

projects can be accessed in a well-organized manner. Within this

project manager, projects can be saved in a Zip file with or without

results. It represents the center of management for all Dlubal


http://www.dlubal.de/ng1/Download.aspx? ... U1/peO7tW1


For the integration of the structural analysis within the DP-based project

management, RSTAB 6 offers a great variety of interfaces to external


http://www.dlubal.de/ng1/Download.aspx? ... iqWDHPX1xS


http://www.dlubal.de/NG1/Download.aspx? ... wdUQjhmQ==

http://www.dlubal.de/NG1/Download.aspx? ... wZXD9H7A==

http://www.dlubal.de/NG1/Download.aspx? ... wlNtUyggUQ

http://www.dlubal.de/NG1/Download.aspx? ... De56WJGQ==

http://www.dlubal.de/NG1/Download.aspx? ... ZAI61JmA==

L'interface (comme vous allez le constater si vous l'installez) est en allemand, mais rassurez-vous il existe à l'intérieur un patch pour faire le changement en anglais. Il restera malheureusement qq modules en allemand.

liens rapidshare

http://rapidshare.com/files/25555787/Dl ... .part1.rar

http://rapidshare.com/files/25555767/Dl ... .part2.rar

http://rapidshare.com/files/25555786/Dl ... .part3.rar

http://rapidshare.com/files/25555779/Dl ... .part4.rar

http://rapidshare.com/files/25555667/Dl ... .part5.rar


liens 4shared

http://www.4shared.com/file/26334004/39 ... 1.html?s=1

http://www.4shared.com/file/26335965/af ... 2.html?s=1

http://www.4shared.com/file/26337908/2d ... 3.html?s=1

http://www.4shared.com/file/26339323/65 ... 4.html?s=1

http://www.4shared.com/file/26339675/f7 ... 5.html?s=1

Si vous êtes intéressés par des didacticiels, ils en proposent dans leur site officiel:

- pour des manuels avec exemples guidés comme dans sap

http://www.dlubal.com/Download.aspx?cat ... 0873100205

- pour des videos

http://www.dlubal.com/Download.aspx?cat ... 0873100205

Ce qui est bien, c'est qu'il est compatible avec tekla structure.

bon dll à tous.

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