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Soft Clay Behavior Analysis and Assessment T.S. Nagaraj & N.


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Department of Civil Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India


Institute of Lowland Technology, Saga University, Saga, Japan


© 2001

ISBN 90 5809 329 8

Size of zip file: 16.9 mb

316 pages

This book is primarily concerned with the analysis and assessment of the behaviour of soft clay in compression and shearing, both in their undisturbed and strengthened states. Soft clay deposits are widespread and cover many coastal regions of the world, such as in Japan, Eastern Canada, Norway, Sweden and other Scandinavian countries, India, and the South East Asian countries. Another feature of these coastal regions is that certain shore areas are lowlands, quite often due to subsidence on account of excessive withdrawal of ground water. The Central Plain (Chao Phraya) of Thailand and Saga Bay in Southern Japan are some examples of lowland areas. All these are inhabited zones, having undergone extensive urbanization and industrialization. Further extensive developmental activities are apace in many lowland areas to promote human activities, such as agriculture, industry, housing and such other infrastructure facilities.

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