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Classic Menu For Office 2007 v3.8.0.177


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posté par nour007

Classic Menu For Office 2007 v3.8.0.177 | 3.47 Mb


Are you frustrated by endless searches for features on the Ribbon? Download and install this software called "Classic Menu For Office 2007 v3.8.0.177" and easily use the familiar main menu and the standard and formatting toolbars of Office 2003. The software allows you to work with Office 2007 as if it were Office 2003. All of the new features in Microsoft Office 2007 have been added to the classic menu and toolbars. This software includes Classic Menu for Word, Excel, Access, Outlook and PowerPoint 2007. Gives you a smooth learning curve!

Supports all languages that are supported by Microsoft Office 2007: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and more.

Add the menus and toolbars to the Quick Access Toolbar, and you can use Office without the ribbon.

-- Easy to enable or disable the menus and toolbars.

-- Easy to install and uninstall.

-- Quickly find and execute the command that you need.

-- Small file size: only 3.5 MB!

-- The Menus tab can be shown on the left of Home tab, or shown as the last tab.

-- Just press Alt-Q-Q, to use the familiar keyboard shortcuts to browse the whole menu.

-- Faster startup and display!

-- Download and install this software in less than a minute, show the menus and toolbars immediately!


http://rapidshare.com/files/81330601/Cl ... .0.177.rar

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