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Resistant Building


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un super site pour la vulgarisation du parasismique avec de petites animations chouettes ....

je vous met la page qui interesse le titre mais vous pouvez aller à l'accueil et decouvrir d'interessantes pages


cliquez sur les onglets à gauche ...un site à deguster sans moderation

university de Bristol

The IDEERS web pages on Earthquake Resistant Buildings explain how buildings

vibrate during earthquakes,

are strengthened to resist earthquakes,

can be isolated from the shaking ground,

use dampers to reduce vibrations from earthquakes

Find Out More - Visit these pages :

Vibrating Buildings

Ground Motion

1 - Introduction

2 - A Single Simple Wave

3 - A Combination of Waves

Natural Vibrations

1 - Introduction

2 - The Fundamental Mode

3 - Higher Modes

4- The Natural Frequency of a Building

How Vibrations Die Out

How Earthquakes Make Buildings Vibrate

1 - Introduction

2 - Resonance in Buildings

Strengthening Buildings

Braced Frames

Single Diagonals

Cross Bracing

Other Bracing

Make Your Own Braced Frame

Moment Resisting Frames

Shear Walls

Horizontal Trussing

Horizontal Diaphrams

Isolating Buildings


Rubber Bearings

Friction Pendulum Bearings

Adding Dampers


Metallic Dampers

Friction Dampers

Viscous Fluid Dampers

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