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Tunnels and Shafts in Rock


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Tunnels and Shafts in Rock

File : pdf, 8.62 MB, 236 pages



Chapter 1








Chapter 2

General Considerations

Approach to Tunnel and Shaft Design and Construction

Rock as a Construction Material

Methods and Standards of Design

Teamwork in Design

The Process of Design and Implementation

Chapter 3

Geology Considerations


Properties of Intact Rocks

Faults, Joints, and Bedding Planes



Gases in the Ground

Chapter 4

Geotechnical Explorations for Tunnels and Shafts


Explorations for Reconnaissance and Feasibility Studies

Explorations for Preconstruction Planning and Engineering

Testing of Intact Rock and Rokc Mass

Presentation of Geotechnical Data

Geologic Investigations During Construction

Chapter 5

Construction of Tunnels and Shaft


Tunnel Excavation by Drilling and Blasting

Tunnel Excavation by Mechanical Means

Initial Ground Support

Sequential Excavation and Support

Portal Construction

Shaft Construction

Options for Ground Improvement

Drainage and Control of Groundwater

Construction of Final, Permanent Tunnel Linings

Ventilation of Tunnels and Shatfs

Surveying for Tunels and Shatfts

Construction Hazards and Safety Requirements

Environmental Considerations and Effects

Contracting Practices

Practical Considerations for the Planning of Tunnel Projects

Chapter 6

Design Considerations

Fundamental Approach to Ground Support Design

Functional Requirements of Tunels and Shafts

Modes of Failure of Tunnels and Shafts

Seismic Effects on Tunnels, Shafts and Portals

Chapter 7

Design of Initial Support

Design of Initial Ground Support

Empirical Selection of Ground Support

Theoretical and Semiteoretical Methods

Design of Steel Ribs and Lattice Girders

Chapter 8

Geomechanical Analyses

General Concepts

Convergence-Confinement Method

Stress Analysis

Continuum Analyses Using Finite Difference, Finite Element, or Boundary Element Methods

Discontinuum Analyses

Chapter 9

Design of Permanent, Final Lining

Selection of a Permanent Lining

General Principles of Rock-Lining Interaction

Design Cases and Load Factors for Design

Design of Permanent Concrete Linings

Design of Permanent Steel Linings

Chapter 10

Instrumentation and Monitoring

Purposes of Instrumentation and Monitoring

Planning and Designing the Monitoring Program

Monitoring of Tunnel and Underground Chamber Construction

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