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Seismic Design for Architects


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Seismic Design for Architects

by: Andrew Charleson


Seismic Design for Architects

By Andrew Charleson

Publisher: Architectural Press

Number Of Pages: 296

Publication Date: 2008-09-12

ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0750685506

ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780750685504

Product Description:

Architects across the world have to design buildings that need tocomply with strict seismic codes. All too often the need to comply withthe code is put ahead of the design of the building, resulting in dulland functional architecture.

Andrew Charleson's book shows how to make structural requirements anintegral part of the architectural design process, not an add-on. Usingnon-technical language and detailed illustrations Charleson shows howachieving structural standards need not limit the scope forarchitectural innovation and high design standards in seismicallyactive zones.

With enough theory to satisfy architects without swamping them intechnical data, Seismic Design for Architects is a state-of-the-artsummary of designing buildings where being prepared for the worst is aneveryday fact of life.

* Written for architects, emphasising design over analysis

* Key concepts conveyed with visual material to allow architects to appreciate the design solutions available to them

* Draws experience from a wide variety of national and international design codes


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