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Building Information Modeling


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Building Information Modelling

Book Description

Improve Planning and Management on Any Construction Project with Powerful BIM Tools

Building information modelling (BIM) integrates 3D drawings and 4D animations to dramatically improve the communication, coordination, and planning of construction projects, while reducing risks, errors, and costs. Building Information Modelling is an in-depth resource that shows architects and building professionals how to capitalise on BIM concepts, tools, and techniques for their own building projects.

An in-depth explanation of BIM concepts, tools, and techniques

Guidance on applying BIM to new and retrofit construction projects

More than 200 photos, charts, diagrams, and details of the BIM process

Detailed case studies

Inside this Comprehensive Guide to BIM Technology

Background: • The Setting for BIM • Current Practice • Legal Considerations Building Information Modelling: • BIM Concepts • BIM Planning • BIM Implementation Software Tools: • Modelling Tools • Model Production • Model Analysis • Specific Software Options Learning BIM: • Learning Methods • Skill Sets • The Learners Case Studies

About the Author

Willem Kymmell is a practicing architect with more than 30 years of experience in the field. He is also an Associate Professor of Construction Management at California State University (Chico), where he teaches building information modelling and construction documentation, construction document analysis, specifications, building code analysis, and architectural history. Mr. Kymmell’s private practice includes residential and commercial commissions, consultations, and virtual building software training.


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